Photo Editing Training Videos

It is no longer outrageous to state that, in general, you cannot do well in a photographic competition unless you post-process your images. The most commonly used post-processing tools are Adobe’s Lightroom and Photoshop, but there are many others that have similar user-interfaces and capabilities. Take a look at: Which Photo Processing Software Should You Use? and this list of alternative photo editors.

The online training videos listed below are designed to be viewed serially. If you are new to photo editing, it is recommended that you go through the videos in sequence as they do build on each other. You must practice as you watch them. All links will open as a new browser page. These videos are made by Anthony Morganti in the US. His approach is methodical and repetitive, which is perfect for anyone new to photo editing. At his website, you will find a wealth of additional training videos in addition to those listed below. IPS does not endorse any product or trainers.