Welcome from the President, Dale Murphy

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On behalf of all the Ivanhoe Photographic Society, welcome. If you are casually browsing, please enjoy the many beautiful photographs featured here, photographs taken by our members. If you are thinking of joining a photography club, you are welcome to come to our meetings as a visitor at no cost, until such time as you want to commit to joining.

A club provides a social environment in which you can explore and develop your photography, a social environment that is grounded with a known group of people with whom one can build a level of camaraderie.

Photography clubs are fundamentally about improving one’s photography. The motivation and drive for this comes from you, but we strive to help you on the journey by providing advice and training where possible and, most importantly, through the challenge of photographic competitions.

Competitions give you the opportunity to have your photographic art evaluated from the perspective of a range of unbiased and experienced photographic judges from outside the club and to benchmark your work against others within the club. If you dedicate yourself, this is a proven approach in which you, and those close to you, will be amazed at what can be created.